Grief Circles

Being present to grief alongside others who grieve


Neither grief counseling nor healing service, Grief Circles provide a space for being present to varieties of grief in our lives and world. We sit in a circle, finding comfort in whatever posture we desire. We hear the sounds from live musicians. We are invited to experience the grief in our lives in whatever way it wishes to express itself. At various points, the music will stop and silence settles. Such a time invites participants to speak to the grief they hold, but no one is expected to express this. If and when such sharing are offered, participants share stories without verbal responses from others; we share grief and are held in the confidence of the circle. Trained "holders" may invite you to experience their embrace; you may accept or decline. The Grief Circle ends with more music, words of gratitude, and a transition time with warm tea and conversation if you would like that. You can also simple remain seated in silence or leave when the circle closes. Grief Circles provide space to honor the sadness within you. Being present to the grief you hold can teach you something new about the tasks of living well. Instead of stuffing feelings that are not widely accepted in common places, and sometimes even feared Grief Circle invites and encourages you to inhabit your grief, speak to your sadness, and learn from your broken heartedness.

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