How to Get Rid of a Body

Learn about the many ways of laying a body to rest.


While the title of this workshop may seem irreverent, humor can often help us talk about things we have previously found uncomfortable. One of those is final disposition. There are many, many means of final resting places these days. In fact, some of these are not places, but actions. With greater concern on environmental sustainability, people have developed ways to recycle the human body that conserves resources and supports the biosphere by giving back to it. "Green burials" may be the most familiar to those new to this conversation, but aquamation or human composting may be very foreign, or even frightening, for example. This workshop presents myriad ways of laying a person's body to rest, from the conventional modes of embalming to creative uses for cremains, including cremation art. This presentation also includes discussion of environmental impacts of the various means of final disposition.

  • $25


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